Pottery Classes in New York City - Explanation of Price Estimates

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Explanation of "Our Price Estimates" for class prices at New York City Pottery Studios

Things that figure into the total price of Pottery Classes:

In an effort to equalize every studios varied pricing structure we have created a pricing estimate based upon all of the published information at each studio.

Since different studios apply different charges to different things, and have different lengths of sessions, it can be difficult to estimate which studio is in fact the best value. To assist you we have added up all of the costs for each studio, and divided it by the number of weeks in a session to arrive at a "Per Week" price. This price is the best way to know how much you can be expected to pay at all NYC area Pottery Studios.

Firing Fees

Some studios charge for firing your produced work. This is called a "firing fee". This fee is usually based upon the dimensions of your finished work. The firing fees usually cover both the "bisque" and the "hi-firing" of the work. Since these fees can often be different at different studios we have estimated that an average student will produce a certain volume of work in a given time frame (e.g. an average 6 week session). For our estimate we have calculated that amount to be 996 cubic inches. Cubic inches are figured by taking the LxHxW (length x height x width) of a finished, dry, piece. This is usually then multiplied by a couple of cent charge to determine how much you will pay to fire that piece at the studio. Shortly we will be uploading a photograph of exactly how much finished Pottery that is. To equalize the firing fees we assumed assumed that over the course of 6 weeks the student would produce the estimated amount of work. We then adjusted that for sessions that were 10 weeks, or 8 weeks so that there is a fair estimate of the amount of firing charges that could apply at a studio that charges firing fees.

Practice (or bench) time

Some studios charge extra to access the studio when you are not in a class session. This is called "practice", "bench", or "workshop" time. Often, studios include some extra time as part of the session charge, but have limited hours for students to come in and get extra practice. Some studios have unlimited time, and some charge by the hour. If a studio charges by the hour for practice time we have estimated that you will spend 2 hours per week taking advantage of the practice time. This extra charge, if it applies, is added into our total estimate for session price. Since it is important for students to practice a lot we recommend at least two hours per week and that is why this number is included in our price estimates. Some studios don't charge by the hour, but have a flat charge for extra time. If that is the case we have included it in our estimate as we feel it is essential for students to practice on their own.

Clay Charges

Some studios charge extra for clay. Often it is included in the "Session" price. However, if a studio charges extra for clay we have figured that an average student will use approximately 50 pounds of clay in a 6 week session. So, we have included that price into the session price if applicable. Some studios give students 25 pounds of clay free, and in case we have made the appropriate adjustments.

Shelf Rental

Some studios charge extra to rent a shelf to store tools, clothes, and even your working clay and pieces. Since shelving is included in other studios we have assumed that all students will rent shelving at those studios that offer it for charge. This helps you realize some of the "optional" costs that are associated with certain stuidos. Also, you need shelving, so we feel it is hardly "optional".


Some studios charge extra fees for materials, one-time membership fees, or other various fees. If this is the case we have added these prices into the estimates so you can compare prices. In the case of "yearly memberships" at certain studios we have averaged that price out over 4 (6 week) sessions, instead of including the whole yearly charge in the estimate. So, for instance, one studio might have a $75 one time fee. We've added $18.75 to the 6 week session charge to help incorporate this additional cost.

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Explanation of "Studio Published Information" for class prices at New York City Pottery Studios

We have made every effort to faithfully list all of the fees, prices, and features of each studio as advertised by the studios themselves. In a lot of cases, the studios have multiple class types, session lengths, and workshop options. For example, some studios offer reduced price children's classes, or other combinations of class prices. In those cases we have attempted to choose the "most common" or most likely options. Always check the studio web sites or other material for the most thorough explanations.

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Information Last Verfied: January 2013
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